Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Sew Like My Mom

Every day that I spend in my studio sewing is a really great day! I never used to like sewing and just thought it was a tedious chore. I very quickly realized I was bored with sewing because I'd been using commercial patterns. Now I do what I call "freehand sewing." (The totebags I make that feature images of climbers would be the best example of this technique.) And now I LOVE to sew. It's become a very satisfying creative outlet for me.

It's no surprise that I sew, as I was introduced to sewing at a very early age. My mom is a talented seamstress and made most of my clothes as I was growing up. She'd make costumes for my dance recitals, holiday dresses, and school clothes. (Do the go-go boots give away my age????)

Thanks Mom, for passing on your appreciation for sewing to me! I love you!

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