Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dessert ... It's What's for Dinner ... AKA Cherry JackPot

Fresh Picked Cherries and Vanilla Yogurt for Dinner (Hubby is out for a few hours so why not?!)

When we first moved into our home I thought that one of the fruit trees in our yard grew sour pie cherries. I was bummed, because I really, really love fresh-picked cherries. I don't want to have to cook them or make them into a jam to enjoy.

The past couple of years the tree didn't seem to yield any fruit. Or, all the birds were getting to them before me. But last week I noticed a ton of cherries on the tree and they looked ripe and healthy!

I decided to pick one and taste it and get an idea of how tart they were. I really wanted to make something with them if they weren't suitable for eating raw. To my very pleasant surprise they were sweet and I realized that they're Rainier cherries!

Rainier cherries are one of the premier cherries of the PacificNW and they're SO expensive in the stores and at the produce stands. I never buy them and to suddenly realize I have a huge tree in my front yard that has ripe Rainier cherries was like hitting the Cherry JackPot!!!! Now I'm jazzed for the pears, plums and apples to get ripe. It's gonna to be a great summer!

I also posted a couple of new things to my shop today, but this bag has to be my favorite. I had a really hard time listing it! I love the 1970's vintage fabric and the vintage tassel trim.

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  1. I am so envious of your fruit!!! How wonderful to have that cherry tree :0)

    Love the bag too!